A Classical Indian Dance Ballet Event Presented by Soundarya Natyalaya & OSAAT
The Recital consists of two segments:
Gayatri and her students will showcase a repertoire of dances on traditional numbers followed by a Dance Ballet “Seetha Swayamvaram”, an elaboration of Varnam depicting the episode of the divine wedding of Lord Rama and Seetha from the great epic Ramayan.

Our dances are presented with colorful costumes, mythological themes and enthralling music that is specially created and digitally recorded in Mumbai by Guru Smt. Padmini Radhakrishnan accompanied by Shri Anantharaman on Violin & Shri Shankarnarayan on the Mridangam.
The second segment, Panchabootham is a production that showcases the beauty of the Five Elements of Nature through a multimedia presentation. For the first time ever in Atlanta, Classical Dance will come together with a live Indian Choir to perform alongside music that will cut across various genres ranging from Carnatic, Hindistani to Western.

Raagas, for long, have known for their potential to elevate the listener, invoke a mood depending on when and how they are rendered. The music score for each of the five elements in Panchabhootam has been finely created based on various raagas in both Carnatic & Hindustani style, beautifully blended with Western Chords built out of the Saptha Swaras. The music recording is a unique blend of String instruments like Ensemble Violins, Cellos, Acoustic Violin, Plucked instruments consisting of a variety of Lead and Base Guitars and Mandolin, Wind instruments like the Flute, Trombone, Mouth Organ and Percussion instruments like Tabla, Mridangam and drums.
Colorful costumes for choir and dance are custom made for the five elements.

Dance Choreography & Direction by Gayatri Subramanian.
Music Score, Recording & Compilation by CV Subramanian.