A Classical Indian Dance Ballet Event Presented by Soundarya Natyalaya & OSAAT
About Soundarya Natyalaya
Soundarya Natyalaya is a premium dance institution teaching pure and traditional style of Bharatanatyam. This institution is run by its Founder & Artistic Director, Gayatri Subramanian. Soundarya Natyalaya’s mission is to spread the varied culture and glorious heritage of Bharatanatyam through various performances, demonstrations, and workshops. With over 25 years of dance experience and 15 years of teaching, Gayatri started offering classes in Atlanta since 2003. She dedicated her teaching skills to the young children in Atlanta and since then has been performing at various prestigious organization in and around Atlanta.
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One School At A Time (OSAAT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to help in the recreation of the infrastructure of underprivileged, rural schools in India. A totally volunteer-run organization, OSAAT has no administrative costs, and utilizes 100% of your donation to build a strong, safe and healthy learning environment for kids in rural India, by adopting one school at a time. So, far they have funded at least five schools in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and they are having more projects in the pipeline. Anyone can recommend a school for renovation. The criteria is that it should benefit poor children; where teachers are involved in providing a better environment for students and community involvement.
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About ICE
Indian Choir and Ensemble also known as ICE, founded by C.V.Subramanian, consists of a group of trained Musicians & Music enthusiasts in Atlanta. ICE gave its debut performance, “Raaga Reflections”, in February, 2010, at the British Academy of Performing Arts. The theme of the performance was to show the power of raagas, through a crafty presentation of beautiful raagas in the Violin, Guitar and Flute followed by original fusion compositions on the same raagas. The concert received rave reviews and was highlighted in many news articles (NRI Pulse, Thendral to name a few)